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by Benjamin Ard on Sep 13, 2013

Disasters happen every year, all around the world. There is no place that is completely isolated from these kinds of scenarios. As such, it is always best for people to be ready for a disaster, should it come up. It isn’t something that we necessarily look forward to- but it is always better to be safe than to be sorry.

If it is looking like a disaster is impending, be sure to stay tuned into the news coverage for your area, as well as keeping contact with neighbors and police authorities. They will be able to inform you if there is an evacuation order which is to be given. 

Have your Important Documents Ready

Another important thing to do when you are preparing for an evacuation is to keep a fireproof or waterproof portable box on hand to take with you. This box should have important documents like Social Security cards, birth certificates, deeds and titles, and insurance information.

You want to have these documents collected and ready to go so that you can grab them at a moment’s notice in case of emergency. This will greatly expedite filing claims and getting life back on track. There might not be too much time to prepare and hunt everything down, so encourage everyone in your family to grab their wallets and a set of clothes, grab that box, and go! It is much easier to have everything assembled ahead of time.

Follow an Evacuation Order

Should an evacuation order be given that involves you and your family- follow it! These orders are not issued lightly. Evacuation orders are given when it is the best way to preserve the lives of those who might be affected. It might be tough to leave your home and possessions behind, but they can be replaced. You and your loved ones cannot, so follow instructions quickly to be as safe as you can.

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